Hola!  It’s Twitter Thursday and also my birthday eve.  One of these things is more important than the other, but I will let you decide.  I don’t like forcing my values on others. Except when it comes to selling people on hotdogs.  I will argue to the death about the deliciousness of hotdogs.  And cupcakes.  Which brings us to our first #twitterthursday victim  feature @freshcupcakes.

Self described as “South Carolina’s sweet spot” Cupcake has locations in Charleston and Columbia with a sister bakery in Greenville.  They are good at puns…like “re-sweet”.  I usually hate puns, but it’s hard to hate anything to do with cupcakes or giveaways.  You get my approval.

In addition to puns, they are good at rhyming.  I have no problem with rhymes.  Mother goose is my homie.  I also REALLY want one of these Mocha Chip cupcakes.  Do you guys deliver?

I just can’t even.  I mean, if I wasn’t in love with @freshcupcakes before this tweet, I certainly was on board after.  I almost wept at how perfect it was.

Speaking of perfect, I must bring you the most perfect band ever as our second tweet-er of the day and that is @TheWinterSounds.  I heart everything they do.  So much so that I contributed to their kickstarter.  You know it’s real when you put money on it.

How can you not just laugh, smile, cry and die all at the same time from this tweet?  I dare you to try to resist one of those reactions.  You can’t!  My only hang up about this is that it did not come with a picture.  That is the only way I could’ve been more into this.


I feel like this might be a #subtweet aimed at me.  If you guys want to be in a relationship, I am down.  First, I would really, really like it if you asked me to your prom.  That would really bring everything together nicely.

I feel like a lot of you probably said something similar this morning when you woke up with your Halloween hangover.  See!  @TheWinterSounds are just like you.  You should check them out and be fans or something.  That would be precious.

That’s it for this week’s #TwitterThursday!  If you know a twitter account that would light up our lives, please tweet it to @SceneSC and hashtag #TwitterThursday.  If you don’t, they’ve already won.  Don’t act like you don’t know who THEY are.

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