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#TwitterThursday all about The Stuffing 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  It’s time for my favorite show ever, The Stuffing. Featured at this year’s events are @ManchesterOrch, @CageTheElephant, @GROUPLOVE, @obrothermusic, @KevinDevineTwit, @RoyalThunderAtl, Hardy Morris and the Outfit, @gobotron, @do2w, @AllGetOut, @harrisonhudson and @Ponderosa_music. I’m not the only one excited, this cat’s on that level as well:

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Just to be clear, he wrote that yesterday.  I would feel like an irresponsible journalist if I let Ryan D. look like he didn’t know how many days were in a week.  Who knows, Ryan D. might end up being my stepdad one day.  I don’t wan’t to start things on the wrong foot.

I did however try to start things on the right foot for two lonely concert goers via the Twitter.

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Heather, I don’t know you, but I believe in two things: true love and awkwardness.  I found a gent who is looking to go and I tweeted him about your no-date status.

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Hopefully, my tweet will spark some romance or at least an uncomfortable, forced conversation between strangers.  I think this could work.  If anyone else is interested in my matchmaking prowess, get at me.  I do it for the love of love.

I found one more lonely concert hopeful as well:

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I had no one else to match Mr. Ellis up with, so I offered my own companionship to him for the concert.  Only as a friend you guys.   I am saving myself for Kalen Nash of @Ponderosa_music or basically any other long-haired, bearded dudes that cross my path.

Some fans are starting early:

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While others are reflecting on years past:

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As a side note, I am pretty sure that I am holding up precious Matthew all by myself when this photo was taken.  At one point his butt cheek ended up in my hand.  It was basically for lifesaving purposes, so I didn’t feel like I violated any laws.  I may enter Georgia on Wednesday to find out there is a warrant for my arrest for butt cheek grabbing.  Please bring bail money.

If you’re planning on making the pilgrimage (see what I did there?) to Atlanta for The Stuffing, you better buy those tickets now!

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The Stuffing 2012 will be on Wednesday, November 21 at the Center Stage complex.  Tickets are $32.50 in advance and $35 at the door.  I’ll be there and I’ll be live-tweeting my excitement.  Come find me and we can have our own awkward encounter.  If my love connection tweets worked, I’ll be in the market for a plus one to Hannah and Clay’s wedding.  Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime; hanging out with me.

If you have anyone you think we should feature on #TwitterThursday, send your suggestions to @SceneSC.  We can’t do what we do without you.  Well we could, but it would be a lot harder and a lot less fun.  Do it for the sake of fun, ok?

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