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Show Preview: Mechanical River/Coma Cinema/Joie at The Radio Room


Coma Cinema/Mechanical River/Joie


The Radio Room


Greenville, SC

9 PM

In 2012 Mat Cothran (Coma Cinema) released two albums under his psuedo-ego Elvis Depressedly, which has become his primary outlet for releasing music. Both Mickey’s Dead and Hotter Sadness received warm welcomes into the world. In fact, they’ve stayed among the most popular South Carolina albums on bandcamp since their release, along with Blue Suicide, the last Coma Cinema album.

Both Elvis Depressedly albums are warm, lofi, carrying many of the pros and cons of home recording. For Cothran, it works, and though he may complain about equipment issues on social media, he seems to have found his comfort zone. Only once on both releases does a song surpass 3 minutes. Each song is a short burst of angst, and depression. A depressed chest ripped open. A morbid mind on display, his music is at times beautiful, and relatable. Unfortunately, his name has become more known for not his music, but his antics. Social media pop offs trashing local bands, his local music scene, his own music…it would become tiring if one were to pay attention to it. His live show can be hit or miss, but is worth a shot if you’re a fan of the albums and in the area.

Mechanical River and Joie open the show. Last week we named Mechanical River’s song “Pomelos” SC song of 2012. It’s irresistible, and so is Joel Hamilton and his one man band live show.

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