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New Music: Frontier Sons-Then and Now


For a while Frontier Sons seemed geared up to be one of the next big bands from the Columbia, SC music scene. They had a new album in the works, set to release in the first quarter of 2012, but that album never came out. The band seemed to be off to a quick start before that. Large crowds at live shows, a song on The Blue Indian’s 3rd compilation, and some steady tours, the band seemed on the fast track.

These days things are more up in the air. Frontman Andrew Wackerhagen currently lives in Texas, where he is getting those lost recordings mastered, and released. “Then and Now” is the first song to come out, and is one of the more raw emotional songs on the album. Mostly known for their blend of alt Southern rock, their new song shows a side seen sometimes at live shows, but never recorded. Hopefully the release of new material will guide them back to the fast track they had found before.

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