2/8/13 – Toro Y Moi – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle


I think everyone in SC was pretty bummed out when Toro Y Moi released his 2013 tour dates. I mean, as fans we’ve done our jobs right? Can you remember a South Carolina Toro show in recent history that hasn’t sold out?

So SC Toro fans scattered like ants under a footprint over the last couple of days, to Atlanta and some to the Carrboro. Our contributor Cameron is actually attending the Richmond, VA show Saturday. If you look in the picture above, you’ll see that Chaz grammed a picture of his old band The Heist and the Accomplice. Around here, they’ve become legends, and the kind folks over at Fork and Spoon actually re-released their album Connections Work online this week. Don’t they look great! Cam’s mustache really steals the picture. Chaz is pretty much a professional grammer. Top notch filter selector I tell people. Actually, most of those guys gram hard. A lot of jumping on beds and fun celeb cameos.

Last week I had the pleasure of correcting a mistake in Spin’s review of the new Toro record. It was an epic move, where written in the review it said that Washed Out shared a drummer with Toro. I thought, where did I go wrong? How did I miss that Cameron Gardner is playing with Toro!? How did I miss that Andy Woodward is drumming with Washed Out!? With some research into my own brain, I knew that wasn’t true. So I tweeted that dude! And you know what, he got sassy with me. So I sent him a Heist and the Accomplice video and he deleted his tweet. BOOM ROASTED! Then the guy said thank you and was very nice and not a jerk. We went on to exchange some pleasantries and went on our merry way.

Truth is, everyone I know loves the new Toro y Moi record, and we’re super stoked to be giving away a copy along with a handful of keychains and stickers. So enter to win, and we’ll choose some winners on Monday and get their swag (is it really stuff we all get if we only pick one winner?) in the mail.


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