Sunday Feb, 10
New Brookland Tavern
People Person
$5 Over 21 / $8 Under 21

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This Sunday Atlanta’s hazy electronic outfit Vyie rolls into New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia in the midst of a 18 date tour that leads up to the release of their new album February 19.

While Vyie calls at Atlanta home, they currently reside on experimental Columbia record label Post-Echo. Post-Echo has a slew of releases coming up and a showcase in SXSW included, Vyie’s new 6 song EP serves as the labels signature upcoming electronic release. Blending soft melodic female vocals on top of a dreaming landscape of synths and beats, Vyie slowly melts their way into your heart.

It’s easy to get lost in the new Nightingale EP. It’s a journey through the darkness of music, slow moving bass synth lines anchor the background for the stories being told on top, adding an important element not usually associated with electronic music. It requires a close listen to tell where the song will take you, with plenty of surprises on the way. Just like with the new EP, their live show captures listeners and blankets them in the sound.

The Lovely Few (Hearts and Plugs) and People Person (Post-Echo) open.

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