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[Show Preview] Dear Blanca Album Release at Conundrum


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Dear Blanca
Bo White
Happiness Bomb
and The Howling Man

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Dylan Dickerson’s head must be the size of the Gaffney Peachoid today, after the Free Time’s called his new album Talker “the first truly great Columbia record of 2013.”  Tom Law at Conundrum actually emailed me and told me they had to widen the door to make sure they could fit Dear Blanca’s ego in.

All jokes aside, Talker is one of SC’s finest releases so far this year, and at the end of the year we’ll surely look back and rank it as one of the top SC releases. With the help of Bo White (Yardwork), Dear Blanca found the fuller sound they’ve been looking for, while keeping their deeply personal lyrics in the forefront. Album releases are always special occasions, but for Dickerson and crew this one will be one of the most important shows of their young career. A chance to show fans what they’ve been working so hard on, and showcasing the songs that have been a part of their regimen since their teenage years. Now that Talker is out, it’s a chance to not only move forward into a promising songwriting career, but to also be proud that the songs that have carried him all this way came to fruition like they were imagined.


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