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Lauris Vidal/Kemp Ridley

2/20/13 — Immaculate Consumption — $5 donation — 8 PM

There’s something magical about basement shows at Immaculate Consumption. Nighttime in the back shadow of the SC State House, the smell of fresh coffee beans, the creaky floors above, and a relaxed community atmosphere. It’s why we’re excited to start a monthly music series we’re calling “Underground Acoustic at Immac.”

Much like we did with the House of Softcore, where we brought in lesser known, but highly talented touring acts, and presented local bands in a different light, we hope to bring that same vibe to our basement shows at Immac.

For our first show, we’re featuring three acts that are very special to SceneSC.

The out-of-town act on this show is Lauris Vidal, who we first introduced to Columbia at the House of Softcore. Vidal’s personality and on stage energy is contagious, as he stomps his way through his folk music based set, he pulls out a variety of different instruments to keep the crowd intrigued. From his acoustic guitar, to his ukulele, lap steel, and banjo, Vidal has just about everything with strings covered.  His sound this time around sounds like a three-man band, as he plays kick, snare, and high hat with his feet, and has split his instruments to include guitar and bass live.

Since they released their debut album last year, kempy ridley. has been more or less telling people that they aren’t breaking up. It’s not that they’re tired of playing music, or have trouble getting along, in fact it’s quite the opposite of both of those things. It’s simply that they’re going through some life changes and figuring out how to keep it going, while at the same time not knowing where each other will be living in the coming months. Proving to their fans that they’re still around, they’ll be playing something new Wednesday night, maybe something borrowed, and maybe a song or two that will make you feel blue.

Headlining the night will be Columbia’s Stagbriar, who are set to break out and have a big year. We’re saving their show preview/interview and sampler single release for Wednesday at 10 AM. So hold tight!


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