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with Lauris Vidal and Kemp Ridley

 Feb 20, 2013

SceneSC Underground Acoustic Series at Immaculate Consumption

8 Pm $5 Donation

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“Tom” is a talking blues murder ballad. It’s a song type pulled from another time, dusted off and recreated by the brother sister duo of Alex and Emily McCollum that make up Stagbriar along with Brandon Edwards on drums.

As we sat on leather couches in front of the fireplace in the back of Speakeasy, chatting over a couple of beers, Alex, Emily, and Brandon talked openly and freely about their music upbringing, the darkness of their upcoming full length album, and what it’s like to not only play music with a sibling, but how they’ve opened up and become comfortable writing music together.

“Tom” is the first single from the upcoming album (they’re still mulling over the title), and it’s also the song we want to debut our 2013 sampler. While it’s Stagbriar’s first time on the sampler, Emily McCollum was included on the 2011 sampler, then still in high school. This time around, the subject matter takes a darker tone, as they tell the murder story in perfect harmony, their voices eerily intertwined.

We had hoped to have the full interview up today, but to do the depth of the interview justice, we’re still a couple of days away from posting.

The 2013 SceneSC Sampler comes out Tuesday, February 26, 2013. This years sampler features 25 SC bands from around the state.

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