Now accepting Reservations at the Last Resort

It’s got to be hard being an indie, mostly local musician–you’re pounding the pavement hanging posters for a show at a club you had to pay to play in, you can’t get SceneSC to review your bedroom recorded synth-pop EP and even your parents won’t donate to your kickstarter.  Well friends, the last resort is real and it’s accepting reservations online:  The X Factor Auditions are coming to Charleston, SC.THE X FACTOR: Pink logo.

Seriously, hear me out.  This is a legit alternative to actually working hard.  You just take your happy self down to Charleston on either March 17 or 18 and register.  On March 19th–it’s a Tuesday, but don’t worry, you have no job–at 7am you begin waiting with thousands of other hopefuls in the North Charleston Coliseum for your chance to sing before a producer and hope that you’re either good (or bad) enough to get some camera time with Simon.  I bet if you make it on TV your mom will donate to your kickstarter–you don’t even have to win to start reaping the benefits!  Also, I guarantee your Nana will put you on her prayer list for this one, even though she barely acknowledged that YouTube of you singing in your bathroom.

If this sounds like too much work, don’t fret!  You can audition online.  No waking up before noon required.  Another reason to audition online is that the audition process has one restriction that ain’t nobody got time for:

UntitledI mean really, you’re an artist, how are you supposed to perform in such a restrictive environment?  I know I couldn’t.

Whether in Charleston or via online submissions we hope that your X Factor audition helps your dreams come true.  Hey, that girl in the Lumineers just turned answering a Craigslist posting into a Grammy, Ho!  This could be your big break.

The X Factor Auditions:

CHARLESTON, SC – Tuesday, March 19

Venue: North Charleston Coliseum

Registration – March 17-18

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