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Shoplifter Booking Showcase with Modern Man/Cement Stars/Knives and Daggers


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One of the first steps for local bands to start playing shows out of their hometown is meeting the right people and bands to get that done. It can be a really frustrating thing to book worthwhile shows on your own, so it helps to find someone else that believes in your music and will help you book those shows for you.

Shoplifter Booking currently has a small roster of bands that they focus on booking throughout the Southeast. Saturday night in Charleston, SC will be the finale of their string of showcases that included Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC, and Charlotte, NC. Each city booked holds a special place in the hearts of each band playing Saturday night at Tin Roof.


Modern Man made their debut on the SceneSC sampler in 2013 after winning us over with their last album Eyes No and a live show that showcases the bands intensity and swelling energy. The band hovers in the “gaze” genre. From their self-proclaimed “sleeze” gaze, the force in the drone and swirl of their music falls far from just staring down at your feet.

Charlotte’s Cement Stars music falls more in the ethereal, with dreamy synths and soundscapes and catchy vocal melodies. Closing out the lineup is Asheville indie rock outfit Knives and Daggers with their guitar driven movements and complimentary vocals. Their live set leans more towards the loud and in your face, while the recordings offer a different layered dynamic side.

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