[Video Premiere] Brandon Kean-The Wrong Light


Brandon Kean had always written an occasional song on acoustic guitar, or played a solo acoustic show for fun now and then, but it wasn’t until a year ago that he stepped out on a limb to try to take his songs to the next level.

After recording “On and On”, a song which was on his first EP All the Choices I’ve Made, the ball just started rolling. Kean started to gain confidence in himself through fan reaction to the song, and from his own Rejectioneers bandmate, and Archer Avenue Studio owner Kenny McWilliams.

“Kenny was incredibly encouraging to me through the tracking process and people surprisingly enough seemed to like the song, so I told myself  “Okay. You stepped out on a limb doing that. Still scared? Still wanna do this? Take another step.” Kean said.

While Kean is currently working on a full length album, he hasn’t slowed down in the songwriting and recording department. Towards the end of 2012 and into 2013 Archer Avenue Studio went through some major renovations. Kean was one of the first to record in the new studio, so he decided that capturing some of that footage and editing it into a video would be a great thing for people to get a glimpse into the new layout, and a chance to get some new material out there.  So he talked to his friend Joey Young, who brought the idea and video to life.

For Kean songwriting just comes naturally, and luckily he has an amazing supporting cast. What used to be writing down some lyrics on a cocktail napkin has turned into singing a line or two into your trusty iPhone.

“It normally starts with me hearing a line or two in my head while in my car or at work or something and then I’ll sing it into my iPhone.  Later on I’ll sit down with a guitar and write the rest of it.”

Kean’s songs tend to be heart on your sleeve type songs, so first introducing them to the band can be nerve-racking to say the least. Thankfully he’s already developed a relationship with his band to move past those potentially awkward moments. This is where his supporting cast shines. His band, made up of Will Grubbs (Drums), Jay Hendricks (guitar), and Jonathan Gilpatrick (Guitar), seem to specialize in being tasteful, and not overplaying the parts.

“Once I bring the song to the band, I’ll normally have ideas for the overall arrangement and how it should feel– the guys that play with me are so great, by the way, and full of great ideas.”

“The Wrong Light” made its debut on the 2013 SceneSC Sampler, also marking Kean’s debut as a solo artist.

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