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Concert Preview: WUSC FM’s “Wussy Jamboree 2k13”

This weekend is one loaded baked potato, ya’ll. Sour cream and bacon bits and all of that. If you didn’t get a pass for the Indie Grits festival, aren’t all about a Love, Peace, and Hip Hop Festival, or you even feel like skipping a play directed by Sweet Vans/sandcastles musicboy/local talent Bakari Lebby, jaboi’s still got some tater for ya.


Starting at 1 pm at El Burrito in 5 Points, it’s WUSC FM’s annual festival:  Wussy Jamboree 2k13: Bands, Bros, and Burritos.

According to Public Affairs Director and alliteration enthusiast Kate Appelbaum, “This event is meant to be our last hoorah for the year- there’s going to be bands, bros, babes, beers, and burritos. Being located in Five Points means it is within walking distance of campus. El Burrito also has a great outdoor space that is both cozy and welcoming for outdoor music.”

Though there is a $5 cover charge, ($7 for under 21), the money isn’t going directly into the trash.

“The cover money for this show will go to paying gas money to some of the bands, possibly purchasing a raffle item, and making sure we have a strong financial foundation for next year. Maybe we’ll even look into some new projects!”

Of course, it’s a reasonable price to pay to see a considerable line-up of local talent. Scope dis A-Team:


  • Brave Baby (9-10)
  • People Person (8-8:45)
  • Elim Bolt (7-7:45)
  • Que Sera Sera (6-6:45)
  • Pan (5-5:45)
  • Runny Babbit (4-4:45)
  • Cayla Fralick (3:15-3:45)
  • Two Fell In A Foxhole (2:30-3)
  • Ghosts Of The Kodiak (1:45-2:15)
  • Indigo Landing (1-1:30)

Of course, the local acts will be worthwhile, but also notable are the bands Brave Baby and Elim Bolt, coming from Charleston, both on an independent Charlestonian record label, Hearts and Plugs, fighting the good fight for South Carolina music. You’ll recognize local heavyweights People Person and Pan, as well as up-and-comers Runny Babbit and Que Sera Sera, who have recently dropped a tasty EP.

“A lot of students aren’t familiar with the Columbia music scene, and I think this is a perfect way to get a taste of some local acts without having to pay an arm and a leg to go to a bunch of different shows. We’re bringing them to you and it’s less than a dollar a band!”

That’s packed fulla bang for your buck. It’s gonna be at 934 Harden St and will be running all day, and there are currently more than 150 attending on the event page. So if you stay inside and decide to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog on Netflix all day, I don’t blame you, that show’s rad, but you’re an idiot because this is one of the most active weekends in Columbia’s scene since a good while.

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