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Moog Music has partnered up with Paxahau, the production company behind Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival and Jazzfest, to present the return of Moogfest in April 2014.  Paxahau is reknown for their commitment to honoring the history of electronic music and innovation, a quality that was sure to appeal to the lasting legacy of Bob Moog that Moog Music upholds.  The shift towards spring dates will allow for outdoor and daytime events, as well as distancing Moogfest from AC Entertainment’s Mountain Oasis Music Festival.

“Moogfest is not just about Moog or music, it’s about celebrating the creative, forward-thinking spirit of both Bob and the city of Asheville. We’ll shine a light on inventors, new media artists, circuit benders, programmers, and people with ideas that could change the way we experience music, art and performance.” 

 -Emmy Parker, Moog’s Senior Brand Manager

I would imagine this means an added emphasis on workshops and talks, which were a part of Moogfest during it’s run with AC Entertainment, but at times felt like an afterthought (especially the 3rd year).  The switch in production companies will almost certainly be reflected in the lineup choices.  I for one would be extremely excited about a lineup chock full of Detroit Techno.  In the end, Asheville ends up with two top notch music festivals.

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