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New Music: Elvis Depressedly- Holo Pleasures


Last week both Mat Cothran projects set the internet abuzz with the much-anticipated release of the first single from the new Coma Cinema album Posthumous Release, and with the release of Holo Pleasures via his full band Elvis Depressedly.

While the  new Coma Cinema song “Satan Made A Mansion” made its national debut on Spin, and was covered by numerous national websites including Pitchfork, Cothran’s other project Elvis Depressedly dropped last Tuesday quickly selling out of physical tape copies, and becoming the most popular SC album streamed on music site Bandcamp. In fact all the Elvis Depressedly and Coma Cinema releases have remained as some of the most streamed albums on Bandcamp from South Carolina for some time now.

Last year Shuffle Magazine contributor, and Free Times music editor Patrick Wall wrote an article on the recording process of Cothran titled “Beg, Borrow, and Steal” focused on Cothran’s unique style of home recording. With Holo Pleasures Cothran stuck to this signature style, but branched out in a different way by writing with close friends, and bandmates Delaney Mills (keyboards/vocals) and Eric Jones (guitar/bass).

Cothran’s music is best known for its realness, and lyrical honesty, and that trend continues on the new release. The new seven song EP clocks in under 12 minutes total, with all the songs coming in under 2 minutes 35 seconds, something that is common among all Elvis Depressedly songs. Much is made of the “lofi” quality of the recordings, but listening to the album it’s not something that is noticed. The song structures, hooks, and forwardness of the songwriting lend themselves to multiple listens. Soft keyboard and vocal hooks make this album stick with you, each song making a comfortable nest in your memory. The songs are short and sweet, never overstaying their welcome, cutting much of the bull shit from his song structures that many artists think they must have in every song.

There’s a reason Cothran has made his name nationally known in the indie music world with little help from PR companies cramming the music down media gatekeepers throats. When someone becomes a fan of his music, they most commonly stick around, and stay a dedicated fan. It’s a testament to his ability as a songwriter, and his lyrical connection to his fans.

More Highlights

-The bass line of “Weird Honey”

-Everything about “Thinning Out” most notably the cello parts

-“Teeth” stands out from the rest of the album in a good way

-Subtle hints of Elliott Smith sprinkled throughout

-The overall ease of “pepsi/coke suicide”

Both Coma Cinema and Elvis Depressedly catalogs are free to download or pay what you want.

The new Coma Cinema-Posthumous Release is out June 11 on Fork & Spoon Records / Orchid Tapes and was recorded over 9 days in Los Angeles with Brad Petering and Jason Wyman from TV Girl and Rachel Levy (R.L. Kelly).

Track List:
White Trash VHS
She Keeps It Alive
Bailey Jay
Lee (Columbine High Harmony)
Satan Made A Mansion (Streaming Below)
Partners In Crime
Burn A Church
Virgin Veins
Survivor’s Guilt
Marie (No Sleep)
Posthumous Release

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