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We are excited to announce that SceneSC will present nine South Carolina bands over the course of three nights at this years South Carolina State Fair.

When presented with the opportunity earlier this year we nearly popped with excitement of the chance to showcase some of our favorite music from all over the state to the thousands of nightly visitors at the State Fair. What’s more exciting than riding an elephant and then cutting a rug with Say Brother? For the first time you can tell all of your friends to meet up at the rocket before you head over to see The Restoration. For the first time you have the opportunity to pound 4 fried Snickers and then go see Brave Baby. You’ll get to admire a 75 ton sand sculpture and then get down to Rachel Kate. Smell 1000 flowers and then enjoy the sweet sweet melodies of Marshall Brown. Have your mind blown by Pharaoh’s Fury and then have your mind blown again by the pitch perfect harmonies of Stagbriar. Eat a donut burger and listen to Alexa Woodward, ride the ring of fire and then check out The Tarlatans, ride a camel and then listen to Luke Cunningham! The possibilities are seriously endless, and it’s all free once you’re inside the fair. Presents
9 Bands, 3 Nights, 1 Stage

Free with Admission to the State Fair

6-9 PM
Friday October 11

Say Brother (Columbia, SC)

Where country music went left, Say Brother went right. Hank introduced the blues to country music, Say Brother takes that worn formula, pours whiskey and gasoline on it and lights it on fire…on front of the crowd at every performance.

Brave Baby (Charleston, SC)

Although Brave Baby now calls Charleston home, the greater Charlotte area gave birth to the band. In fact, they previously went by Wylie, a reference to Lake Wylie on the SC NC line. Thank God they didn’t call their band North Carolina South Carolina line. Brave Baby pops with enthusiasm and coming of age tunes, frequently referring to their locale. Still riding high on their 2013 debut album Forty Bells, the band plays an up tempo high emotion live show, occasionally bringing it down for sentimental songs like “Grandad”.

Stagbriar (Columbia, SC)

Centered around the vocal harmonies of the brother sister duo of Alex and Emily McCollum, Stagbriar sticks to what folk music is supposed to be, telling intimate stories with each song.

Sunday October 13

‐The Restoration (Lexington, SC)

“Musically, the band wishes to take part in the evolution of traditional and regional music, providing a living, contemporary voice that embraces overlapping genre boundaries while remaining aware and respectful of music history.”

Luke Cunningham (Charleston, SC)

“In today’s vast and cluttered music landscape even the most talented of songwriters can sometimes find their battle cries reduced to whispers. Yet for Charleston-based songwriter Luke Cunningham it’s the outright refusal to be lost in the shuffle—as well as his energetic live show and acclaimed songwriting—that have the southern troubadour currently beating the odds while giving independent artists a little hope to hold onto.”

‐The Tarlatans (Clemson/Charleston, SC)

“The Tarlatans are an ingenious approach to staying along the fine line of a catchy pop rock, but still leaving room for the beauty of human imperfection and celebration of life and its highs and lows. McCleskey and Williams are brilliant poets who harmonize beautifully together and are truthful with every lyric, unafraid of admitting their faults and hardships.” SC Music Guide

Tuesday October 15

Rachel Kate (Charleston, SC)

“Feisty power folk from Charleston, SC. Rachel Kate (Gillon) was born and will continue to be raised. No one thinks she will ever grow up, and she probably won’t because it’s not real. She is a rainbow circus ninja dream catcher soul kite flying smiling river flower and a lover of all things people, music, and arts. Rachel Kate creates honest creations from the soul. Interested in harmony and eeri-ness-sunshine and daydreams. Rachel Kate is a way of life. Step into her world.” Rachel Kate

Marshall Brown (Columbia, SC)

“Listening to Brown’s music, you can hear (and feel) the clear vision, spirit and talent of the legends who gave birth to Brown’s music such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Donovan, The Kinks, and even the vocal stylings of Jeff Buckley. However, when all of these influences hit your hear, there is a certain stylistic solidarity that is Marshall Brown.” Marshall Brown

Alexa Woodward (Greenville, SC)

“Haunting, Appalachian-influenced banjo songs and Judy Garland-likened vocals have won acclaim from NPR, No Depression, The Boston Globe, My Old Kentucky Blog, and have been featured in film and television (MTV’s My Life as Liz, National Geographic Departures, The Fat Boy Chronicles, So You Think You Can Dance, Adult Swim). Woodward’s songs blend her southern roots with the urban folk sounds of Boston and New York, cities that shaped her music during its early development. With a distinctive banjo playing style and refined lyrics, this young lawyer-songwriter has been well received by audiences across the US and in Europe.” Alexa Woodward

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