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[New Music Exclusive] Those Lavender Whales-“Sometimes”


Parts and Pieces Goose and Geeses Release Show Saturday 8/10/2013 at New Brookland Tavern

The new EP from Those Lavender Whales titled Parts and Pieces Goose and Geeses marks the beginning of a new era for the band. If you’ve seen them live lately you’ll notice Patrick Wall on electric guitar, he’s earned his green beard and makes his recording debut on PaPGaG. Since the addition, Those Lavender Whales have added another dynamic level to their live show and to this EP.

“Sometimes” started as many songs do for Those Lavender Whales frontman Aaron Graves, as a quick 30 second idea that grows into a full song over time. The first single is moody, starting with the quick strumming of acoustic guitar before breaking down into a slow building outro.

Parts and Pieces Goose and Geeses was recorded at Fork and Spoon HQ, the same spot that the record label records their Casual Friday sessions. Other than the Whales last album Tomahawk of Praise which was recorded in Nashville, Graves and company have done all of their recording at home. The new EP comes out Saturday August 10 at the bands co-release show with Florence, SC native Austin Crane and his new Valley Maker full length album.


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