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#TwitterThursday with @thetarlatans and @loosechangeCU

What’s up, brah? I’m just hanging loose on the west coast perpetuating Southern stereotypes. Everyone here thinks I’m a pageant queen (true, Miss Southern Princess ’88) and that I have a sweet tea fountain in my office (not true, and really sad).

While I’m here, I’m keeping up with the home fires on Twitter. One thing I’m missing out on is @SceneSC and @thetarlatans are hanging out right now! I’m bummed, mostly because I would like to have a real life convo based on this Twitter moment from a earlier this week:
I mean hello! I could talk about the joys of the Gin Blossoms all day. If you’re skeptical, I challenge you to give their greatest hits a spin. You will be amazed.

@thetarlatans are on tour with Jars of Clay at the moment and that tour took them to one of my favorite venues, The Handlebar in Greenville, SC. Look at that cute mustache man! Any band that appreciates a good mustache is a-ok with me!

One of my close friends used to be a barista. I got free coffees and off menu recipes and now he’s gone and my life is over. Baristas are the soul of America. If you’re a barista, respect the role. Don’t let @thetarlatans down, don’t let me down.

You know who doesn’t let me down? @loosechangeCU. Y’all their daily specials make me do crazy things, like being willing to go to great lengths to get them:


Yeah I’d def swim for that burger. Trust.

You see those words “limited supply”? That’s the important part of following these great establishments on Twitter. I could’ve been on that in 10 minutes flat and had a better lunch than you. GET ON MY LEVEL.

Not only do they have great food, but they also have fun nightlife activities y’all. If you’re in the Upstate, head on over tonight and party down with some undergrads. Just make sure if you do that you’re constantly instagramming your night and hashtagging it with #YOLO. If not, this is all for naught. Don’t be naught. Be naught-Y. You see what I did? Omg, please let the fan mail begin.

Send all fan mail and ideas for next week to @SceneSC. It’s what all good citizens do. So do.

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