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Pan Release ‘Meta Major’ Tour Dates, New EP Out Sept 17


Following the release of their new EP Meta Major next Tuesday, Pan take off on a 19 date tour in support of said release with plans to add more dates across the country into the coming year.

Their new single “Baton” which is streaming above, is one of Pan’s finest songs to date with soaring guitar driven melodies, this time with violin layered in adding another texture to the bands compositions. It was a couple of years ago when I was chatting with members of Pan when I mentioned my thoughts on the “five year mark” on when bands start to make the turn. If you don’t give your band five years to find success, or expect success in less than five years, you’re probably not doing it right. Pan formed in 2009 and has undergone several lineup changes and ups-and-downs as a band. In their 4th year they’ve settled in to a wonderful sound, with room to expand and grow, writing music and playing off each other in ways they were searching for in the past.

The four song EP comes out Tuesday, September 17 via Post Echo in digital and Compact Disc format.

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