[ETW] Sebadoh Release ‘Defend Yourself’

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Lofi indie rock pioneers Sebadoh are back with Defend Yourself, a new home recorded album with their “classic” lineup following up their 2012 Secret EP. The band has been repackaging themselves since 2007, and with the new album the band stuck to their guns keeping to themselves throughout the recording process. For Lou Barlow, this is his second album in two years with the release of “I Bet on Sky” in 2012 with Dinosaur Jr.

Most bands tend to fall off musically this late into their career, the band formed in 1986, but Defend Yourself is a mixed bag of tricks. Songs like “Defend yr Self” and “Final Days” stay heavy and lend themselves to the late 90’s while the band slows things down later in the album with more reflective songs like “Let it Out” and “Listen.”

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