O’Brother and Junior Astronomers Return to New Brookland Tavern

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It’s been nearly 3 years since we were in the New Brookland Tavern women’s bathroom filming O’Brother after their show. Their return visits to Columbia, SC have been few and far between since that date, a city they frequented prior to the 2011 release of “Garden Window.” Since that show they’ve been in a whirlwind of media, bangovers, long van rides, pants off handshakes, and hobnobbing with the stars at festivals like Lollapalooza and Leeds. They are currently out on headlining tour for their new album Disillusion and return to our tertiary grounds September 24 with Junior Astronomers, Native, and Daylight.

Junior Astronomers have jumped on a handful of Southeast dates with their bros in O’Brother making the show September 24 their first Columbia, SC show since the release of their new album Dead Nostalgia. At least a year of hype surrounded #DeadNostalgia including studio footage and several posts from us here. We think the world of the new album, it’s been in steady rotation since it’s July 16 release, but we want the wax!

Bring on the #Bangover!

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