New Music—Lily & Madeleine-Devil We Know


I fell in love with Lily & Madeleine on first listen just like the rest of the internet did. Their song “In the Middle” went semi viral on Youtube racking up over 330,000 views, captivating fans with a simple black and white live video. It showed their effortless ability to sing in harmony, and kept the attention on the music and the smooth beauty of their voices.

After a successful EP in The Weight of the Globe, the Asthmatic Kitty band is set to release their debut full length album on October 29. Their first single “Devil We Know” is fragile, but with voices that weave together with symmetry they create strength in an alluring three and a half minutes.

Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz are sisters in their teens, separated by only two years. Still early in their careers, the duo based out of Indiana, have voices that don’t compete, but complement each other. Still, they are two separate voices conveying the emotions of two different people. They aren’t reinventing anything here, they are simply doing it better than most anyone else.


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