• The State Fair

    SceneSC returns to the State Fair for the second year in a row presenting nine bands from across South Carolina on the stage in the WIS tent.

  • Past Bands

    Our 2013 lineup also included nine South Carolina bands including The Restoration, Say Brother, Rachel Kate, Brave Baby, Alexa Woodward, Stagbriar, Luke Cunningham, Marshall Brown and The Tarlatans. This year Say Brother and The Restoration have graduated to the main stage opening for the Marhsall Tucker Band and Shovels and Rope.

  • Where is the SceneSC Stage?

    The SceneSC stage is located inside the WIS tent in the center of the South Carolina State Fair. Last year we were right beside such celebrities as Brad Pig and Hillary RodHAM Clinton at the Swifty Swine pig racing track!

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    It’s free! With entry to the fair of course.

  • Can I Eat Food and Watch the Bands?

    Of course you can! And we advise it. Susto and Can’t Kids are best enjoyed while sharing a fried oreo with a loved one.

  • Girls Rock Saturday Night

    If you noticed that each band on Saturday night features a female musician, you’re on the ball. We’re proudly partnering with Girls Rock Columbia on Saturday night to feature three bands that we love, Dear Blanca, Can’t Kids, and Volcanoes in the Kitchen.

Three Nights at The State Fair

Homegrown Music at its Finest

Day 1 Lineup




Day 2 Lineup




SC State Fair

Grey Spy





About Amigo

Amigo is here for you because they’ve been where you are. Singer Slade Baird, drummer Adam Phillips, and bassist Thomas Alverson have gone through their share of difficulties. They want to help you feel good about things, though, even when things aren’t good. Especially then. To prove it, they’ll dress up heart aching poetry about the failure of a relationship in 50’s style doo wop. They’ll celebrate the shortcomings of God and man with defiant guitar solos. They’ll rockabilly their way around masculine emotions and boogie to disappointment with enthusiasm. Amigo won’t kid you that your troubles will all go away, but they can sure get you to dance in spite of them. At least for the night, Amigo can put a joyous twist on the madness and sadness life brings you.
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Jordan Igoe

About Jordan Igoe

Jordan Igoe is a magnetic, multi-talented and genuine alt-country singer-songwriter based in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been playing music professionally for over ten years as a solo performer and with a rotating lineup of stellar backup musicians. Jordan has shared the stage with ‘The Lone Bellow’, Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent of ‘Shovels & Rope, in addition to touring regionally all over the Southeast. In other words, she has paid her dues and put in the 10,000 hours that according to Malcolm Gladwell is a requirement for being a true professional in your chosen profession.
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About Susto

SUSTO is the latest project from former Sequoyah Prep School frontman Justin Osborne. After a decade of touring and recording together, SPS went their separate ways in Feburary of 2013. With no outlet for his writing, Osborne left for Havana, Cuba in search of inspiration. After several months of playing and recording with Cuban musicians, Osborne returned to Charleston, SC where he teamed up with friend and songwriter Johnny Delaware to refine the songs written in Cuba. With the help of friend and producer Wolfgang Zimmerman (Brave Baby), Osborne and Delaware were able to record what songs Osborne had from Cuba as well as several new songs written in Charleston.
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About Can't Kids

The once-duo known as Dawn Shredder turned quartet known as Can’t Kids is a self-proclaimed “Appalachian cheerleader metal” band that formed in November 2010 when they realized their home (the Shredquarters) was, in fact, haunted.
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Dear Blanca

About Dear Blanca

Given life in 2011 and named after the late grandmother of Dylan Dickerson, Dear Blanca consists of Dickerson himself, long-time bandmate Marc Coty on drums, Cam Powell on bass, and Dayne Lee on vocals/percussion. Offering an eclectic range of sounds inspired by diverse acts such as 80′s punk group the Minutemen as well as Townes Van Zandt, Dear Blanca promises energetic rock music coupled with folk-songwriting aesthetics both mild-mannered and rambunctious. Dear Blanca’s debut LP, Talker, was released on February 12, 2013 via Post-Echo. In late 2013, the band began recording their full- length follow-up, Pobrecito, to be released July 29, 2014.
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Volcanoes in the Kitchen

About Volcanoes in the Kitchen

Volcanoes in the Kitchen is a band based out of Charleston, SC, that focuses primarily on the healing and empowering qualities of music. Music crosses through all cultures and brings strangers together. It’s the ultimate weapon in the war against unhappiness, the vehicle that transports us out of our minds and into the heart of something deeper than our own hearts. It takes us on strolls through city streets, sidewalk cafés, and oceanfront parks; it sails us across foreign seas to ancient mountains and crumbling castles, or can place you in a small living room filled with the warmth of a fire and the loved ones that huddle around it. This is the core of Volcanoes in the Kitchen. They want to take you places.
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About Grey Spy

Walking a tightrope between the punk-to-bluegrass passion of Uncle Tupelo and the battered, heart-on-their-sleeve vocals of Tom Waits circa Closing Time, Greenville’s Grey Spy sounds so much like a veteran act it might surprise you that the band has only recently come together. Combining members of Everlasting Earle, Archer vs. Gunman and Art Contest, the band can bring both aggression and precision, drenching their songs in melody one second and revving them up just as deftly.
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About The Dunder Chiefs

With a sound that falls somewhere between traditional bluegrass and more modern popular bands like The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, The Dunder Chiefs rely heavily on tightly woven vocals and the experienced guitar playing of William Thompson and the rolling banjo of Michael “Nog” Linog. Add in Nog’s brother Tony on vocals and percussion and the trio is a force to be reckoned with. Formed out of the ashes of Thompson’s former band Polar War, The Dunder Chiefs – their name itself a play on a misunderstood AC/DC lyrics – came together at Winthrop University in Rock Hill before relocating to the warm salty air of Charleston.
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About Post Timey String Band

With a good mixture of quirky and serious, The Post-Timey String Band produce an interesting blend of folk, ragtime, and blues that hails influence from the old and the new. Kelley McLachlan creates the picture with her vocals/kazoo/mouth trumpet and keeps everything in beat with her rhythm guitar (and sometimes banjo!) while Sean Thomson colors everything in with an assortment of stringed instruments.
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