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[New Music] Ivadell-The Young Design


Columbia hardcore band Discourse have only been around 2 years, but they recently finished their 8th tour, one of those being an extensive full US tour. An impressive feat for such a young band that recently signing to Closed Casket Activities in New York and plans to release a full length LP this summer. 

But what does Discourse have to do with Ivadell? Ivadell is made up of members of Discourse, post-sludge band Darkentries who play the occasional local show, and the now defunct Greenville screamo band Apart. Simply put, making music is what these guys do, and Ivadell is an outlet for them to try something different from these other projects.

The four tracks on The Young Design lean more alternative rock than hardcore, still dark and driving, but carrying melody and a heavy drone. It’s a well explored area, but Ivadell do it well, especially for a side project of sorts. The EP was recorded at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC with Kris Hilbert, who has a well-respected track record when it comes to recording hardcore and indie rock bands. Darkentries, mentioned earlier, also recorded there with plans to release a full length album in March through Retro Futurist Records.

Upcoming shows
Feb. 2nd @ Foxfeild Bar & Grill in Cola
Feb. 7th @ Woodcircle House in Boone NC

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