SC Comedy Competitions and Charleston Music Hall’s Headliners

Coming up we have two new stand-up competitions and a few of big name headliners are visiting Charleston Music Hall.

Competitions have a weird place in Comedy. Each performer’s mettle is tested as they are stacked up against their peers and only one person walks away with a title and hopefully a prize.

Often these contests are put to audience vote, who are guaranteed a good show. Everyone is trying their best to impress, and usually under a bit of pressure. Two new contests are coming up that are definitely going to be worth checking out (or entering). These kinds of contests typically draw comics from around the region to compete.

Soda City Showdown

The Soda City Showdown, a new comedy competition at West Columbia’s Red Door Tavern

Soda City Showdown (Columbia)

This one is being put on by the Red Door Tavern, Columbia’s home to local comedy, starting February 28th and running each Friday and Saturday until the finals on March 14th. Shows are at 9pm. The vote for this one is determined by a panel of judges as well the audience vote.

The fee to register is $20, which goes towards the prize. Registration is open until the first round on Feb 28th. For details you can check out the facebook event page:

Facebook Event

Hub-Bub Comic Of The Year (Spartanburg)

The expanding comedy scene in the upstate has reached Spartanburg, home to a new weekly open mic each Tuesday at The Upstairs Bar, now hosting their first competition. This one is being put on by the HUB-BUB Arts non-profit, with the prelim rounds taking place at The Upstairs Bar. This one is purely audience vote.  Rounds will be held each Tuesday starting April-1st before the finals on May 3rd at the HUB-BUB Showroom. Each round will start at 10pm

Registration fee of $20 goes towards the $500 grand prize. Registration is now open and closes mid March.

Details and registration

For local stand up in Charleston, Charleston music hall has a new Stand Up Comedy Series. The next one is Wednesday Feb 26th at 8pm with Dusty Sla, Jenn Snyder, Neil Bansil, and Jeremy McLellan.

Charleston Music Hall's local Comedy Series

Charleston Music Hall’s local Comedy Series


 We shared the news with you last month that Aziz Ansari was coming to the Charleston Music Hall (March 12-13), but later that month Theatre 99 is bringing in Mike Birbiglia the very same venue (March 30th) Also coming up in April is Anthony Jeselnik (April 4th, but tickets go on sale Friday, Feb 21st.). These are all huge names in comedy and it’s exciting to see more of them stopping in our state.

Mike Birbiglia

Theatre 99 is bringing Mike Birbiglia to Charleston Music Hall March 30th

Show details and tickets.