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Rory Scovel
Rory Scovel performing on Conan

If he isn’t already, Rory Scovel should be your new favorite comedian. Here’s why: The South Carolina native has appeared on Comedy Central, Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and can currently be seen on the new TBS show Ground Floor. Scovel just released a vinyl-only stand up album on Jack White’s Third Man Records. This weekend he is filming his first hour long special in Charleston at the Woolfe Street Playhouse. The shows are already sold out, but you can still read the email Q&A we got to do with him.

Justin Thompson: What made you choose Charleston as the location for your special?

Rory Scovel: I love this city a lot and the crowds are always fun so I thought “Let’s do it here.”

JT: Where and when can the rest of the world see it?

RS: Not entirely sure yet. Since I’m doing it on my own the possibilities are wide open at this point. Hopeful out there in one way or another by May.

 JT: How do you prepare for a recording?

RS: It’s all very stressful for me. I love the improv and spontaneity of a set and preparing for something like this can tear that down. It’s a struggle to not let it. Hopefully it will just be a lot of fun to do and watch.

 JT: How did you come to work with Third Man Records?

RS: I gave Jack White my cd back in 2011 at a burger spot in Nashville. He liked it and invited me out to do the vinyl, which was an insane experience.

 JT: Why did you decide to release it only on vinyl?

RS: Some of the material will be on this special since they are pretty back to back for someone that writes as slowly as I do. So we figured vinyl only is kind of fun since the material is going to be accessible through video soon enough.

 JT: Have you ever had points in your career where you felt like you weren’t funny?

RS: Yes.

 JT: Are you interested in writing or a directing a feature film? What kind movie would you like to do?

RS: Yes. No idea what kind but definitely interested in seeing how far the acting can go for me. Maybe Ground Floor is it but if not is love to try everything.

JT: What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

RS: The new Beyoncé is absolutely great.

Follow Rory on twitter at @roryscovel.

Purchase the album Rory Scovel Live At Third Man Records here.

And watch Rory on Conan below:

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