WUSC Wednesdays

WUSC Wednesdays: Thank You, Happy Birthday

With WUSC’s spring fundraiser week coming in to the final stretch, I’d like to take a moment to openly thank those who’ve supported us in past, present and future.

While there is still a segment of the student population that doesn’t know we exist, Columbia has always been there for us. wusclogo

Each year we are allocated about $62,000 in student activity fees from the university. Beyond that, we also have to raise $13,000 on our own through events, underwriting sales, and fundraiser weeks. On a grander business scheme, this may not seem like much. But to students saddled in our own debt, balancing class and social lives, $13,000 is daunting.

The money we raise each year goes to a handful of causes. Not only does it allow for purchases such as our recent decision to replace the pitiful equipment we use for in-studio performances, but it gives us the opportunity to bring bigger, better acts to Columbia. Most importantly, however, our licensing has tripled, while our allocations have not. No license renewal, no radio station.

When spending time throughout Columbia, I often run in to folks who tell me they used to be a DJ at WUSC, or they have been a frequent listener since their younger days. Unfortunately though, with each praise there is someone who is simply disappointed that WUSC is not “what it used to be.”

3776_wuscpAs someone deeply on the inside, I think it is important for listeners to know how much the diversity of our DJ population has grown. We have broadcast students, biology students, economics students, media arts students and beyond. We boast members of Greek life, student government, the surf club, business organizations, and BGLSA. WUSC has become the most welcoming hangout on campus, and we love it.

This year we’re celebrating 68 years on the air. Our spring fundraiser ends Thursday night at 11:59 p.m. If you haven’t had a chance to donate, please be sure to tune in. As terribly corny as it sounds, ever dollar truly means the world to us.

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