[Video] Rachel Kate Plays Two New Songs for DanManor

Before her show last Friday at the Radio Room our friend Daniel McCord filmed Rachel Kate playing a couple of new songs, one called “Call Me Out” and the other titled “Goin Home.” Every once in a while you’ll hear a dog bark, that’s Pickle the pup, and you’ll see a smile from Rachel Kate. It’s part of the charm of DanManor, filmed on the porch of McCord’s house in downtown Greenville where he often hosts house shows.

I shed a tear a month ago when Rachel Kate told the crowd from the stage at Art Bar that she was moving back to Nashville. It’s the logical move for such a talented artist to move back to the music capital to be near her family. She’s got a deep Tennessee connection, she even has the state outline tattooed on her arm, but me being selfish me I’m sad I won’t get to see her play around here as much. After she told us she was moving back she played this new song aptly titled “Going Home.”  It’s a little different from the songs on her album sound wise played in an open guitar tuning, but it’s heart on sleeve honest and personally reflective. After hearing both new songs I’m highly anticipating the follow up to her 2013 album Rachel Kate with Love and Hate.


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