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Stream “Mt. Pleasant” From New Cancellieri Album


While touring the United States on the back of his last EP III, Cancellieri was already writing his follow-up Welcome to Mt. Pleasant. The album features an 11 song collection reflective of his travels and the emotions that come with being in a new town or state each night. Known for stripped down and beautiful arrangements, Cancellieri returns on the new album with a filled out sound with thoughtful placements of each instrument. Instruments seem to visit, never quite at home, but welcome none the same. Scattered drums, electric guitar cameos, and keys settle in between the cracks of the fingerpicked acoustic guitar and high-hushed vocals that serve as the base for each song.

“Mt. Pleasant” plays the role of title track and is a wonderful representation of the full album. An album that falls somewhere between intelligible Bon Iver and early less rock oriented Band of Horses.

For the recording of Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Cancellieri returned to the home studio of Alex McCollum, but this time around he brought in a host of musicians for support. The album retains common characteristics of a home recording, both hazy and washed in reverb, suiting for each song as the album stays comfortable in its skin. Ryan Hutchens, the sole true member of Cancellieri says “This album was imagined for and crafted by a four piece band, and has taken on a bigger and bolder style than anything Cancellieri has done before.”

Welcome to Mount Pleasant due out next Tuesday, 4/15

Full track listing 

01. Oregon
02. Lake Jocassee
03. Rafters
04. Mt. Pleasant
05. WGO
06. Hold on Hurricane
07. Dear Departed
08. Fortunate Being
09. The Frame
10. Zalo
11. Caution Abounds

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