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New Grace Joyner Out May 13


When Grace Joyner was lending her vocals to popular Charleston indie groups Elim Bolt and Brave Baby she wasn’t yet equipped with the life experiences to write her own album, or maybe she wasn’t equipped to write the album that she wanted to write. With Young Thing, her debut album due out May 13, Joyner went head on into writing a very personal record that helped her heal after a breakup that touched her in a deep way. Deep enough to write an arresting album about it.

With Joyner’s tasteful sense of melody, she worked with Charleston producer Wolfgang Zimmerman composing the new EP, which is stark instrumentally speaking. The two had instant chemistry and were familiar with each others bounds after working together recording with Elim Bolt and performing with Brave Baby. Joyner came out of an admittedly difficult time in her life with something to say, and a voice to be heard.

Grace Joyner’s debut record out May 13 via Charleston boutique label Hearts & Plugs. 

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