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Stream Steven Fiore’s Joyous New Song “Heart Sounds”

Steven Fiore Heart Sounds

During a recent visit home to Charleston singer-songwriter Steven Fiore had a burning itch to record a new song, more specifically this song “Heart Sounds.” At the end of 2013 Fiore packed up his Charleston home, sold off some possessions and took off the for greener pastures of Los Angeles, musically speaking. For much of last year Fiore traveled back and forth from coast to coast, playing shows in L.A. each visit, including a house show at Ryan Cabrera’s house (whattttt) and a couple of opportunities to sing with Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra live at the Rockwell.

At the end of his interview with Charleston City Paper just before he moved to L.A. Fiore was quoted as saying:

“I’m hopeful but also very prepared for L.A. to just completely destroy me,” he says. “As long as I go out there and I know that I’ve done it and I’ve tried, then I can come back to Charleston and keep doing graphic design and keep music as just my artistic passion.”

So far, it doesn’t sound like L.A. has “destroyed” Fiore, but when we chatted with him via email he does refer to his new town as a “strange place”, but also “very productive”.  At the same time, he of course misses Charleston, and seems like he’ll be back some day, hopefully before the new town drives him crazy.

“Heart Sounds” is a jubilant pop tune that goes against some of Fiore’s past material that leans more sober and reflective. Produced and engineered by Wolfgang Zimmerman in Charleston and mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator Taylor Bray, Fiore brought in a crew of friends to help make this track happen in a hurry. The song doesn’t come off rushed, but excited, like you just found out some great news and you’re talking a mile a minute.

As for future musical releases go, Fiore has yet to set anything in stone, but hopes to have a new album out later this year. Of course, that’s something that could change, especially for an already accomplished songwriter working in L.A. You never know what opportunity will present itself next.

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