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Kari’s Summer Jams – 6/21/14

We back up in here.

Welcome back to summer jams.

Every week I will hit y’all with two great summer jams to live and love by.

Chill. Vibe. Enjoy yrself. Crack a Coors Banquet. Love life and the people around you.


Photo on 6-21-14 at 3.46 PM


Coming to ya from Charlotte, NC. Also known as the Crown Town or the Queen City and most recently Buzz City (hell yeah, the Hornets are back).

Going to see Say Anything and the Front Bottoms tonight. If you are there, come and holla at the boy in the Black Sabbath hockey jersey.

Now. On to business.

Madi Diaz – Stay Together

My love for Madi Diaz is neither new or secretive. She rules. This new single is mad poppy, and even though that is different from her earlier work, I can vibe with it. This one’s a great one for while you are getting ready to get out and debating over which top to wear for the night out.


American Football – Never Meant

I am going to see this band at Webster Hall in NYC in October. You should too. If you don’t like this band, you are just wrong. Don’t argue. Anyway, this song bleeds summer. It’s like a good track to listen to when you are drunk on yr porch reminiscing about past failed relationships, but yr not too sad b/c it’s summer and you were just drinking bourbon with yr buddies. It’s a must play.


I’ll see you guys next week.

Stay golden, bbys



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