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[Preview] Magic Camp to Play Album Release Show at Recovery Room

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When: Tuesday, June 24th
Where: The Recovery Room, 685 King St. Downtown Charleston

A week after their first LP hits the Internet, Charleston-based band Magic Camp will take their quirky pop-rock charms to the Recovery Room for an album release show. The album is lengthy for a first release–sixteen songs are included on the track list, all of which collectively encapsulate a wide range of mood, emotion, and tone. To put it shortly, Magic Camp’s self-titled is an adventure from beginning to end.

Released last week only digitally and on cassette via Academia Tapes, Magic Camp masters the art of transitioning from somber to rompish (if that’s even a word) in the span of minutes, succeeding in capturing a mood without overdoing it. Listening to the oddly jaunty vocals of “Elephant Song” alongside the spacey Smiths-esque track “Rewind You” offers a lot of variety and just enough consistency to keep you interested. Mihailovic and Jay each have very different but equally effective vocals, and are (in my opinion) the keys to the album’s auditory success when coupled with the vivid story-telling element running throughout. Their wide musical range and their ability to keep a vast majority of their songs under the four-minute-mark make for a very pleasant listening experience I fully recommend to anyone and everyone.

Speaking from experience, Magic Camp puts on quite a show. Anything is possible; from stage diving to balancing on an Indo Board while shredding on the electric guitar, you’re never really sure what will happen. Only one thing is definite: all the fun Magic Camp has is sure to rub off on you.

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