Video Premiere: Mt. Plastic-Swimming Lessons

10303814_798573766842204_7519914779290682245_nFrom the ashes of much loved Peedee post-rock band The Dirty White has risen a new post-punk band fronted by Dirty White guitarist Josh McDowell. Formed in early 2014, thus far the band has focused their energy on live shows and recording their debut EP which is out now. Speaking from having seen The Dirty White half a dozen times and this video, one of Mt. Plastic’s strongest attributes is the live performance aspect of the band and the raw untamed energy they bring to the table. McDowell and company rip through track after riff driven track, shouting to be heard through a noisy world.

Frontman and guitarist Josh McDowell is joined in Mt. Plastic on drums by his former bandmate in The Dirty White, drummer Matt Tarlton and flanked by bass player Greg Jackson. “Swimming Lessons” was filmed in a warehouse in Greenville, SC by Wes Gilliam who also directed and edited the video. Drone and aerial shots were provided by Light & Air productions.

Mt. Plastic’s debut self titled EP released last week was recorded at The Jam Room in Columbia, SC and engineered by Zac Thomas.

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