Callosum Releases New Single “Closer (feat. Sav)”


What with all the electronic artists sampling old and overused vocal riffs to mess about in their laboratories, it’s always a pleasure to know of a song featuring a home-grown singstress, with a serenade meant specifically for the song. That is the case here, with Callosum‘s new single, Closer ft. Sav. Utilizing the vocal talents of local Columbian Savannah Walker, Mason Youngblood dun’ cooked up something as smooth as it is pipin’ hot.

Subdued tones and tickling blips fill the sonic spectrum as soon as the track begins, slowly forming into a cohesive groove with burning synth pads and growly bass notes, all guided by Sav’s desperate and emotional croon. By the time you make it to the meat of the track, the samples extend to a full beautifully sung chorus with layered vocals wrapping around the R&B soundscape. Lyrically, the song describes a conflicting relationship reaching a breaking point- the hail-mary attempts and late phone calls- co-written by Walker and Julian Lanier. Accompanied by beautiful art by local artist Gabe Crawford, this is a tasty local dish full of good, and a great way to get keep your sexiness alive through the most notoriously unsexy day of the week- Tuesday.

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