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WUSC Wednesdays: My Brightest Diamond

Tonight’s Diagnosis will feature dream-pop-meets-cabaret darling, My Brightest Diamond.

Shara Worden, the artist behind My Brightest Diamond, is the daughter of a National Accordion Championship-winning father and Pentecostal church organist mother from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Worden grew up listening to gospel, jazz and classical music, and performing in her church choir.

My Brightest Diamond released This Is My Hand yesterday and it is fabulous.

The album opens with a percussion and wind section straight from under the Friday night lights, and works its way through other pop tunes, down to more ethereal and ambient tracks. This album is a step away from her previous release All Things Will Unwind–a much lighter, sillier and stringy-er album. 02

One element that is maintained throughout this dynamic album is its theatricality. Simply-put, This Is My Hand sounds like a movie soundtrack from start to finish. The unique instrumentation, energy, narrative lyrics and roundness of Worden’s vocals would match perfectly to any dramatic big-screen moment–and it’s no surprise, considering she studied opera at the University of North Texas. If All Things Will Unwind was My Brightest Diamond’s Disney or Wes Anderson movie soundtrack, This Is My Hand is the soundtrack to a modern female-oriented gangster film.

To hear from My Brightest Diamond, tune in to the Diagnosis at 10 p.m. on WUSC 90.5FM, or at wusc.sc.edu.

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