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ET Anderson
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Last night I told my roommate that I think ET Anderson might catch. He had been listening to the new album non-stop and spoke high words of praise, and I agree. Mr. Puza also pointed out that the stylings of ET Anderson are popular right now on a national level. If you do some more light reading on other posts about ET Anderson you’ll notice these modern comparisons popping up. That’s cool, but Mr. Tyler Morris has been making these progressive sounds for years now. Wake up and smell the Calculator. All the same, here’s to hoping ET A catches that wave.

“It Don’t Even”, the first single from the upcoming Et tu, _____? album due out November 18 on Hearts & Plugs, stuck out as the lead single after listening to the album only once. The single dazzles with hushed instrumentation as Morris whispers seductively in your ears, making the hair in your auditory pathways stand on end. Driven by a bass line and a “shhhhhaa” before sparkling guitar lines intertwine, the song meanders slowly to its end, taking a hard turn at the two minute mark. Funny thing is when I first heard the track, I heard it in context of the full album. Actually, the album was one 31 minute track, which I thought was going to be a funny gimmick and yes, somewhat annoying. Thankfully it’s not on 31 minute track, but the middle part of “It Don’t Even” sounds like it could be a different song before filtering back into the opening bass line and the familiar shhhhaa. For the most part this song keeps an even keel, but live it comes off much more dynamic. Both styles work well.

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