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Heyrocco upd8 #2 Black Future

hey david

sorry i havent gotten a chance to catch you up on things, its been a rather busy month but i say that with a smile. I’d like it if you just shared this as is. I find it a lot easier to speak with one person than a large group ya know, one on one baby, its just me and you bro. Which reminds me of my new favorite song You and Me Song by The Wannadies. It’s absolutely *brilliant and it was a hit over here early 2000’s, check it out cause we just might throw it in our set.

ok so I believe I left off just before playing exeter uni, which ended up selling out and was maybe my favorite show thus far! It was wild to see kids pile in for live music like that and actually care that an american band was playing. We met a lot of cool peeps and I saw the building where thom yorke supposedly wrote creep in the bathroom of. Continuing to nerd out hard over classic brit bands but still no sign of jimmy page. gotta give it time…

Continuing on through birmingham, nottingham (played acoustic ~vibin~ mom jeans on bbc, it went really well!) London was sick, we played a beautiful music hall called koko and with school being in & a friday night there was a lot of people there 😎 We should have some footage from the show up soon.

Also we spent a day live tracking a few new songs in Hugh Padgham’s studio. He made records with The Police, Sting, and Phil Collins and had sick goofy throwback pics on the walls. pretty kewl. tried to snag a grammy

We are currently in the green room of electric circus here in scotland and there is a karaoke machine here!! so badass, shreddin some oasis and pulp. we have to play soon and have a lot more ‘edinburgh castle’ whiskey to drink.. cheers! talk soon yall


hotel shenanz


onstage at koko

imagekillers cover band at random club lol


greenroom nerds



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