[Video Premiere] Owen Beverly “No One Messes With My Girl” Live

Where: The Royal American in Charleston, SC

When: Saturday December 13, 2014

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Since moving from Charleston to Brooklyn in 2010, Owen Beverly’s been following life’s winding path and so far it’s taken him around the world. After exploring new musical territory with his own band French Camp and playing some with Frances Cone, Beverly joined Danish band Oh Land as guitarist, which moved him to Denmark and took him on tour through many of Europe’s historic cities. Prior to that excursion Beverly had never traveled to Europe.

That experience sparked a flame in Beverly, spurring him to write his first solo album in years in only two weeks. The album, which was released in October, leaks into Beverly’s mind and the emotions of new historic surroundings and the fact that his home in the Delta South is still fresh in his mind and memory. Beverly is a Jackson, Mississippi native and his roots run deep through this album serving as a firm foundation. No matter how far he travels they’ll still be stuck in that same southern dirt.

Saturday Beverly returns to Charleston for a show with Frances Cone and Volcanoes in the Kitchen at The Royal American. He’s already had a busy year having toured through once already and having recently finished a tour with Noah Gundersen. This run of dates with Frances Cone caps off a big year for his solo career, and leads him back home to Mississippi for the holidays.

The live video for “No One Messes with My Girl” was filmed last summer in downtown Atlanta for the Loft Sessions directed by Atlanta Entourage. Beverly is the first installment in the series, which features him playing to an intimate rooftop crowd. Following the Charleston date Saturday, Beverly and collaborator/touring buddy Frances Cone make their way to Atlanta for a show at The Masquerade Monday, December 15.

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