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Ruby The RabbitFoot Plays Royal American/Art Wall Music Hall


2/19 – The Royal American (Charleston, SC)
2/20 – The Evening Muse(Charlotte, NC)
2/21 – Art Wall Music Hall (Greenville, SC)

This week Athens, GA folk songstress Ruby the RabbitFoot makes two South Carolina tour stops with Charleston based artist Susto in what seems on paper to be a perfect match of touring musicians. The commonality of the two artists doesn’t stop with their songwriting skills, but leads back to their youth—Ruby growing up exploring the South Georgia swampland and Susto’s Justin Osborne cutting his teeth in Puddin’ Swamp, SC around the small town of Turbeville. Both are steadily on the rise in popularity, but Ruby the RabbitFoot’s time seems to be now. Her second album New as Dew sucks you in with the first track “Ways” and doesn’t let up with the second track “The Shelf” reminiscent of the best Rilo Kiley. 

Recently Ruby starred as Macklemore’s “boo” in his new video for the song “Arrows” featuring Ryan Lewis. Mackelmore shared some love for his video boo on Twitter last summer letting his millions of followers know that she’s a great artist. I think I’d choose listening to Ruby over “Thrift Shop” most days of the week.

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