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Show Review: Knox Hamilton w/ Ghosts of the Kodiak

Following an epic lineup on Friday night at New Brookland Tavern, catchy indie pop crew Knox Hamilton and post-rockers Ghosts of the Kodiak took the stage on Saturday night. Though the crowd wasn’t giving out those hype vibes like the evening before, there was something decidedly energetic about the atmosphere even before Knox Hamilton played catchy as f*** hit “Work it Out” (which has already made its way to almost 1 million Spotify listens).

Charlotte-based Ghosts of the Kodiak set up the night with some electric guitar-fueled, built-up emotion that exploded into lead singer Caleb Smith throwing his guitar for an epic finale. There were some heavy rifts in there among soft, sincere lyrics that crescendoed into desperate, gritty screams.

Ghosts of the Kodiak
Ghosts of the Kodiak

Following the heavier sound of Ghosts of the Kodiak was Knox Hamilton with light-hearted and danceable alt-pop that sent a motion through the crowd. The Little Rock-based four-piece kicked things off with a decided bounce floating beneath quick yet sentimental drumbeats and a beachy guitar wave. Pure vocals turned into soft harmonies, and really good, really catchy music ensued.

Knox Hamilton
Knox Hamilton


Check out Knox Hamilton’s “Work it Out” if you missed it!


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