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Kid Trails Release This State


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve spent a good amount of time listening back over the Patrick Jeffords catalogue. Not just the three EPs he’s released over the last year, but back through The Taxi Chaps and all the Heist and the Accomplice albums. Listening back on it all it’s amazing to hear the progression of each musician involved and see where they are today. Also bums me out that I missed all of those early live shows.

Once Toro y Moi took some time off the road to record a new album, Kid Trails—a project made up of the TYM rhythm section Patrick Jeffords and Andy Woodward—started to take off. Prior to the first EP Kid Trails seemed mostly like Jeffords loose solo outlet to release acoustic demos. Now the latest EP This State has garnered some internet buzz along with being featured on the front page of Bandcamp. What’s for sure is that this EP and the others are much deserving of any attention they receive.

The first two tracks on This State groove steady and smooth into your head leading into “You and Me” and “Whatyaneed” which pick up the pace with quick chord changes. Closing out the EP is a lovely duet in 6/8 featuring Jeffords and guest vocalist Claire McKinzie. McKinzie’s voice comes in low and sultry beside Jeffords’ whose voice stays as easy-going as it does on the entire record.  The lap steel is also clutch and it cries in an interlude midway through the song.

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