The night before Can’t Kids played the State Fair last year I had a dream that hundreds of people were singing along to the end of this song as Adam Cullum walked through crowd leading the call.

Let the dead rain upon us/Let their piss fall upon our heads

Unfortunately my dream didn’t come true that time, but in the past “Ghost Killah” has been one the bands best live songs with the audience singing the closing refrain in unison.

The video was directed by Katherine McCollough who also directed Can’t Kids video for “The Twist”, the first single off their most recent album Ennui Go. This time last year Can’t Kids were working with puppeteer Lyon Hill as the house band for “Spork in Hand” Puppet Slam hosted by Indie Grits. This partnership continued to this video as Hill did the artwork and the puppeteering with Kimi Maeda. As the video rolls along we catch glimpses behind the curtain as the lighting flashes. The video ends with the knife wielding main character standing beside a fence lined with the heads of ghosts.

Directed by Katherine McCollough
Artwork by Lyon Hill
Puppeteers: Lyon Hill and Kimi Maeda

Stream Can’t Kids song “Pretty Girls” from the 2015 Scene SC Sampler.

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