For the most part Ghosts of the Kodiak fly below the radar in the South Carolina music scene, but they’ve been on the radar since their mid teens when they were playing in their parents’ garages. Now they’re closing in on a decade of pumping out music from various musical projects and are finally in a position to make a move forward.

With these live videos including two new songs, along with two songs from their last release Lifting Up the Cielings, Ghosts of the Kodiak are finally beginning to define themselves as a band. The past has been so scattered for the group, playing music in high school together, then going to separate colleges, studying abroad and living apart, to now living together in Charlotte with the ability to finally focus on music. The long journey worked out well for them. Each member has grown as musicians since their early days in Abigail the Wolf to the point where they’ll be able to work off each other and craft some of their best and most dynamic songs to date. These videos give a glimpse at their raw energy and craftiness as a live band along with offering a glimpse of what the band is becoming.

The live videos were beautifully shot at The Courtroom in Rock Hill with a team of people who helped make the video look and sound great. Though they had a lot of assistance, Ghosts of the Kodiak members played a heavy hand in the video with guitarist William Powell directing and editing the project, and frontman Caleb Smith mixing and mastering the audio. Guest musicians included Austin Landers on bass who has played with the band over the years including international dates, Taylor Pescatore providing additional percussion and keys, and Tia Rafiet playing violin on “Lights” and “Terrestrials.”

The release of these videos coincided with a Kickstarter campaign the band’s got going to fund their next studio album. If these videos aren’t convincing enough to donate then I’m not sure what could be.



Director/Editor: William Powell

Director of Photography: Michael Guthrie

Camera Operators: Chad Bond, Chris Baker, Thorin Thompson

Audio Engineer: Jeremy Davis

Mixing & Mastering: Caleb Smith

Location Manager: Mike Gentry

Guest musicians:

Austin Landers- Bass

Taylor Pescatore – Percussion/Keys

Tia Rafiet – Violin

Ghosts of the Kodiak is:

Caleb Smith, William Powell, and Nathan Parker

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