[Music Video] Toro y Moi // Lilly

The new Toro record has been spinning pretty much non stop in my household and on my computer since it came out. Along with that has been tons of discussion along the lines of “did he warm up for this record with the Keath Mead record” along with plenty of Heist and the Accomplice progression discussions. It’s been fun, and honestly I think What For? is already underrated on a national scale. Before I heard the entire album, and judging on “Empty Nesters” alone, I thought it would blast him into the stratosphere, but instead he’s sticking with his more gradual rise in popularity. It’s fitting for Bundick and company, and they’re at a comfortable place as a band where he can still do pretty much whatever he wants musically without anyone telling him otherwise. Now that I’ve buried my mind deep in that album there’s no coming back to just a surfice like. I think it’s a gem, and at the same time I feel like he could do a lot better. That’s the magic of Chaz who is such a great artist and creator. Known for being in control of most of his work (producing his own music, some videos etc.), Toro y Moi went back with HARRYS who also directed a Les Sins video along with a couple of other Toro videos in the past. Presented by Ray Ban, there are several beautiful shots, mainly the long sky zoom out at 2:07 (wtf that’s awesome) and the hot dogs falling in slow motion of course. Also exciting to see the full band in the video.

Come back next week to enter to win tickets to see Toro y Moi at The Music Farm in Columbia and read a preview of that show.

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