We’ve decided to get back to doing some full set videos like we did for the first four years of our existence, so the first one up happened to be Dear Blanca.

Last year ET Anderson played their first show ever at Shredquarters with Dear Blanca and Ava Luna, so it was fitting that the bill included all three bands on Ava Luna’s return trip to Columbia, SC. During the set Dear Blanca frontman Dylan Dickerson dropped some info about their next album saying the band was going to record next month (in Carborro, NC) and that the album would be called I don’t Mean to Dwell. Not sure if that will officially be the name of the album, but that’s what he told the crowd, and the band for the first time on stage. The rest of the guys seemed cool with it of course.

The first time I heard Dear Blanca with Tyler Morris on guitar at Cabin Floor Records, I wasn’t sold on him playing in that band. I’ve changed my tune on that since then and especially after the show Sunday night. As a four piece they powered through with more energy and grit than ever before, Morris’ signature guitar style nailing all the leads in each DB song and providing an extra layer when necessary.

We also filmed a Papa Jazz session with Dickerson last Sunday morning that’s set to come out in the next couple of weeks.

Check out more photos of Ava Luna and ET Anderson below.

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