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[Show Review] All Get Out Power through New Material

Photo by David Stringer

Show Review-All Get Out at the Cat’s Cradle May 15, 2015 Mike Mains & the Branches and Mae. 

With the exception of a one-off show last year at The Stuffing in Atlanta, this show Friday at the Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill was All Get Out’s first show in two years, and their first since the release of their latest EP Movement. They should have been nervous. Other than frontman Nathan Hussey it’s a rebuilt lineup since their last tour, with Mike Rogers back on bass, Kyle Samuel on guitar, and Josh Kean on drums. We first met Samuel on tour with The Rocketboys and Kean through beloved South Carolina band Baumer. Whatever nerves they might have had came through in pure energy as their set was both powerful and tight.

After the first note they barely slowed down enough to take a breath. Hussey and company powered through 40 minutes straight, with a crowd member at one time handing Hussey a bottle of water mid song so he could keep his throat coated. For me, as a long time follower, I needed to be sold on the updated lineup—it only took the opening riff for me to buy in.


All of the moments were still there and having Rogers back on stage surely helped. He dropped right back in the groove, his stage presence as emotionally charged and in tune with the songs as ever before. Most of the songs off Movement had already been premiered live on the last tour, so they fit in seamlessly with everything off The Season. The highlight of the show came with “Let Me Go” where the crowd earned a “Thank You” for their respect during the performance of that song. Hussey came off the mic late, standing at the front of the stage, not singing to the crowd, but singing with them. No noise from the bar, the entire venue fell silent.

In between one song someone from the crowd yelled “we’ve missed you.” It’s true. Sometimes you need to be there and see it to really feel it.

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