[Music Video] Hermit’s Victory-Night Owl

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Photo by Jess Spence
Photo by Jess Spence

The new video from NC/SC artist Hermit’s Victory for the song “Night Owl” is fitting of Tyler Bertges style. Bertges is shown only briefly in the video, seducing the camera with his eyes, no shirt, mustache, and a bowler cap. The rest of the time he’s playing puppet master, or using the force to move objects in full rotation. I have two favorite parts of the video, first being the shot with the ants on the dinosaur and the second being the frog with its hands over its heart. Beautiful moments there.

If you pick up the latest Jasper Magazine you’ll find a review of Hermit’s Victory’s self titled debut written by mwah. It’s a gem of an album, and one of the top SC albums of the year for sure, so tune in if you haven’t already.



Produced by Drew Gardner and Hermit’s Victory.

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