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Perception, authority, and influence are three degrees of measuring one’s value in the music industry. Up until now, I’ve interacted with artists to discuss their shows or mixtapes, but I’ve yet to interview a producer. Upon this thought, I contacted DeMario Priester, otherwise known as Supah Mario. I’ve previously mentioned Supah Mario in the Ben G Music Farm show review and the Capo Cheeze “Euphoria” mixtape review. As an instrumental producer, his perception, authority, and influence of South Carolina’s Hip Hop scene is different from the artists’. The instrumental producer lays down the entire foundation of the song by inspiring emotions, raising or lowering the dynamics, and combining note patterns and chord progressions, whereas the artists build upon that foundation through lyrics, and melodies.

When people hear the name “Super(ah) Mario”, typically, they think of everybody’s favorite, Italian plumber that embarks on adventures around the world to save his damsel in distress – Princess Peach. However, the producer claims that he’s not even a huge fan of the game, per say; the origin of his nickname came from combining his birth name – DeMario, and the phrase “super producer”. One friend called him Supah Mario one time, and it stuck. Priester notes that his pseudonym “Supah Mario” is currently in the process of being changed to “Super Mario Beats”.

In the incorporation of his beats, Priester highly stresses his emotions. He stands out from “the next producer in line”; because he works on the instrumental until he personally feels in tune with the sound. He describes his style as “ambient, melodic, and integrated” and considers his audience to be a well- mixed group of hippies, nerds, and thugs. A handful of artists that he’s produced for include: Ben G, 6LVCK, Waka Flocka Flame, Young Thug, Kevin Gates, Two 9, Capo Cheeze, and Johnny Roliin. Locally, he’s inspired by: Dubber, Fat Rat Da Czar, Hootie and the Blowfish, Terrance Young, and his dad’s contemporary gospel group: New Joy. Lately, Priester has been getting mentored by Southside on the functions and processes of starting a label, which is his ultimate goal. In the next year, however, he would like to: move his studio into an actual office space, work with: Beyoncé, Action Bronson, The Alchemist, or Thundercat, and have at least two more major record labels placed.

I asked him what his motto was, and how he could use this motto to innovate the flaws that he’s personally noticed in the South Carolina Hip Hop industry. His response was this: “We all know that the whole image of Rap and Hip Hop is geared towards and portrayed as “Vanity”. Everything is about having more or being better than the next guy, and that gives a negative vibe. To me, that’s the largest flaw in our society. One of my goals is to make positive messages “cool” again. The higher up people in the grand industry are the people I like to call “Tastemakers”. In my opinion, they force-feed society to listen to certain music. When I have my own label and can sign artists myself, I want to use my influence as a producer and record label owner to change which songs are broadcasted. All in all, if I had to sum it up, my motto is “Operate Through Positivity”.

DeMario Priester is the safeguarding advocate of Columbia’s Hip Hop industry. He has an innate sense of idealism and ethics. He’s a diligent pursuer of his dreams to aid others in their journey of becoming significant members of the music industry, and although he is somewhat soft-spoken, his opinions are concrete and distinct.

Artists interested in leasing or purchasing an instrumental are sure to receive the utmost professionalism and creativity. Leases start at $300.00 and exclusive purchases begin at $1000.00.

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