Still Young – Courtney Marie Andrews | Steven Fiore | Dillon Warnek

Talent attracts talent as is evident in Steven Fiore’s first two video installments from his Small is the New Tall farm experience. It’s hard to describe really what Fiore’s doing, but the songwriting professional is hosting other songwriters on his 36 acre farm outside of Chapel Hill, NC and writing with them. The farm offers perspective, with its quiet nights away from the city lights, it’s a refuge for musicians like Courtney Marie Andrews and Dillon Warnek who stopped in on off dates of their tour.

Here the trio wrote “Still Young” in a late night session and return visit days later. In his blog post Fiore referred to Andrews and Warnek as possibly his songwriting soulmates. That’s some high praise coming from someone who’s written with some pretty talented people over the years.

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